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Auctions [12 Jan 2014|09:04pm]
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feedback [01 Jan 2012|04:51pm]
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new permanent sales page [16 Jun 2010|02:59pm]

Any default methods of payment, shipping, or packaging can be easily adjusted through inquiry before payment is sent, so don't hesitate to make requests!

1. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated. Paypal is preferred.

2. Don’t be a creeper! No PM transactions will occur! Please only use PMs for following up on transactions within the community.

3. I ship from an APO worldwide. The default method is First-Class Mail and First-Class Mail International for non-U.S. orders.

4. I use my ~common sense skillz~ when determining how to package your item to both protect it and save you money. Mailer bags are used for plush; fragile items will be shipped via bubble mailer or box.

5. Once an item is passed along to the post office, I am NOT responsible for its well-being or even continued existence. If risking the item being gone forever is not worth saving $2-3, purchase insurance.

6. All items come from a non-smoking but cat-friendly home. The cats are not allowed near merchandise, but being cats, they might find ways.

7. Items are sold "as is." Please ask specifically about condition if it's important, and more pictures are absolutely available upon request (click any image for a larger version).

8. I will trade/partial trade for items here without hesitation.

9. Stock/prices are not guaranteed in the absence of a requested hold, and they are subject to change without notice. Holds are always available with specific time frames and consistent communication.

10. Feedback can be exchanged when the transaction has been completed (when the item has been received and there are no further issues). :)

11. I reserve the right to refrain from conducting business with anyone based on negative feedback, poor buying habits, or any other factors at my discretion.

1:1 Emonga (16") - $95 shipped

Hula Pikachu - $29 shipped (+$1 outside U.S.)
Walky Pikachu - make offer

Zekrom clear file - $11 shipped

Victini clear file - $13 shipped

Teacup clear file - $11 shipped

Scraggy clear file - $13 shipped

Zekrom/Reshiram clear file - $14 shipped

Japanese DS guide (a few shots of the inside are here and here) - $5

Tote - $8
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Wish List [11 May 2010|10:24am]
I am actively searching (straight sale/trade) for the below items and will conduct trades (partial or complete) in exchange for anything in my sales post. If you have an item available for trade that is worth more than the item you want from my sales post, for example, I would paypal you the difference and vice versa.

Amigurumi (knitted) Piplup:

Christmas Piplup:

Halloween Piplup:

Piplup Walky Washcloth:

Pikachu Promo Charms:

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[15 Dec 2005|05:09pm]
Today I found out that not only does my position entail my reading of each and every story 3-4 times on average to identify any errors, but it's also my job afterward to 1) go on the network itself and re-read every story yet again to make sure the reporters corrected any mistakes, 2) read over the printed pages themselves 1-2 times to ensure the editors didn't accidentally use an outdated version of any stories, and 3)access them all via the network to manually edit the pages themselves to make sure nothing gets by.

So, I take full responsibility for any errors in the recent issue of the Prowler. I made the mistake of assuming writers were capable of making necessary changes after only being told three times, which in retrospect was a ridiculous assumption on my part.

I don't have room in my schedule to take the class another semester, anyway, although I was going to have my lunch switched to fifth and continue to stay on staff. Chambers liked the idea, but I'm not quite sure how irritated she is with me at this point.

The old editors were supposed to visit or something but never did. :(
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[12 Dec 2005|12:20pm]
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[09 Dec 2005|07:28pm]
The thing about staying after school with senior staff members is that I am now aware of how much scrutiny 80% of the stories undergo. This in turn makes me less inclined to actually write anything because the paranoid side of me is fixated on the possibility that I'll end up like the people who write columns thinking they're great, and no one decides to tell me otherwise, so I continue to write and write and write, indirectly forcing people to publish utter shit.

I over-think things like no other. 8)

At any rate, it amused me a bit that during class, Tex was the only one frantic about figuring out how to submit the pages to be published while the rest of the editors were just chillin'.
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